Vinum Weinguide
Winzer des Jahres 2020
Vinum Weinguide
Weingut Aldinger



On the best vineyards of Germany, first-class sites, soil ambassadors and liquid calling cards for our vintners.

The key to the uniqueness of VDP.Wines is their origin. The soil, light and shade, wind, heat and coolness all contribute to making the wines exceptional and give them personality and character. The winegrowers in the VDP analyze these conditions in detail, consulting old vineyard maps, searching for appropriate grape varieties and evaluating the vineyards based on both their historical performance and current potential. Our VDP classification is based on a clear philosophy: the narrower the origin, the higher the quality

We award only the very best vineyards our VDP.GROSSE LAGE®designation. Wines from these vineyards shine through their uniqueness and distinctiveness. VDP.ERSTE LAGE® wines are also distinguished by their unparalleled ability to express the essence of a vineyard. VDP.ORTSWEINE come from a village’s best vineyards. VDP.GUTSWEINE are the foundation of our origins-based philosophy and come only from our own vineyards. All wines from our winegrowers bear the VDP.Eagle on the bottleneck – as a trustworthy guarantee for the quality within.

By the way: The VDP.Classification is not stipulated in German wine law, but reflects the VDP’s own private regulations.


Only the very finest! VDP wines from these sites are Germany's absolute best

VDP.GROSSE LAGE® is the designation for the highest quality German vineyards. This is where Germany’s finest wines grow – wines notable for their individual character and ability to express the essence of their vineyard of origin. They are also known for their long potential cellarability. VDP.GROSSE LAGE®wines are planted with grape varieties typical for the region and matching the needs of that respective vineyard. The vineyards are precisely demarcated by parcel. We call dry wines from these vineyards VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS®.  


Our VDP first class wines – each an individual in itself.

Our VDP.ERSTE LAGE® classification level allows us to distinguish first-class vineyards with their own character. The growing conditions for the vines must be optimal. This is expressed, for example, in the fact that wines of sustainably.


Ambassadors of the best soils - from a distinct place, pure and expressive.

Our VDP.ORTSWEINE are a real insider tip: because many come from VDP.GROSSE LAGE® and VDP.ERSTE LAGE® sites. In any case, they originate from high-quality, characterful and traditional vineyards within one locality and give the typical local terroir a sense of expression. Only regional grape varieties are bottled.


Basis at its best. These VDP.Wines are good from the ground up.

Our wines for every day: Each VDP.GUTSWEIN embodies the philosophy and the distinctive signature of our winegrowers. They are often the first wines of a wine year to be bottled and sold – and thus trendsetters for a vintage. The wines grow in the estate's own vineyards. Since our winegrowers here have a lot of freedom in making wine – the classification regulations only significantly affect the higher quality levels – many innovative creations can be found in this range. VDP.GUTSWEINE are regarded as a kind of calling card for the winery: an ideal way to gain a first impression of the winegrower's style or to become a repeat offender ...